Day In The Life. Upper West Side, NY

Spring is finally here and it’s time for me to get back to my weekly blogging!
Some of you know that I had a good reason for being on a blogging break – we took our daughter Sofia out of 4th grade after Thanksgiving and decided to homeschool her. It was a major transition and took a lot of devotion to set us up for a good start. I was asked recently to describe our new life in three words and the words I used were: freedom, joy and connection. We are truly enjoying this new adventure!
This week I would like to share a very special Day In The Life – a farewell to NYC.
In her initial email Valerie wrote (sharing with client’s permission):
“Hi Polina! We are a family of four and we absolutely love NYC, but with my full time job in NJ and my husband traveling four days a week, I need more help. We are moving to NJ in November and we are heartbroken to leave the city. Our girls are still little (2 years and a 9 month old). I’d like them to know how wonderful and interesting the start of their lives was in the city. I think having one of our days documented would be a great idea!”

And it was a wonderful idea indeed! It seems that we did it all in one day: having breakfast at the family’s favorite diner, spending some time at their beloved playground, visiting Central Park Zoo, taking a nap on a bench followed by an ice cream snack, stopping by the Bethesda Fountain on the way home and finishing our day with such a fun evening routine.
Sharing a handful of images from this day just won’t be enough, so a slideshow it is.


The truth is that Valerie also had a hard time narrowing down her selection of favorite images from the day and as a result ended up with the biggest and most beautiful 100 page book full of priceless NYC memories!


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