Day In The Life. Washington, D.C.

One of the highlights of last summer was a trip to Washington, DC. Klaus family were the most wonderful hosts and Day In The Life was my way to thank them for their hospitality.
It was an interesting experience for both of us. Angie, a talented photographer and film maker herself, never had a documentary session for her own family, while making a living capturing raw and real moments of life for her clients. And I, on other hand, never had a chance to stay with the family I was about to photograph, which gave me an extra time to connect and get to know my subjects really well before taking out the camera.
I was fascinated by how Owen, Mason and Cora were choosing to play together most time of their day. I loved capturing the strong bond between them while also showing their individual personalities. The day was full with laughter, tender moments of connection and outdoors fun. I learned so much from Klaus family not only about parenting, cooking and gardening but also about how to appreciate every moment of your life – and for this I am forever grateful.
Enjoy the slideshow!


Angie wrote this sweet review that I would love to share it along with few of her favorites from our session:
“I treasure our photos from our Day in the Life with Polina. They mean so much to me, especially as a photographer myself, because they reflect the love I feel for my family just simply living our everyday. Since I am always behind the camera and rarely in photos with my kids, my favorite images Polina captured were of me connecting with my kids and my husband. They are priceless memories we have from this season when life is busy and full of laughter and love, and for that I am so grateful to Polina for her creativity and skill.”


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