Family Storytelling

So much more than your annual family portraits.

What is Family Storytelling?

A Family Storytelling session can take place at your home, in the park or at the beach – you choose the place your family loves the most.

Two hours’ documentary coverage of your everyday routines or activities that we plan in advance, including 20 minutes devoted to relaxed family portraits.

The Family Storytelling package has three parts:
– Captured (session fee);
– Printed (tangible memories);
– Downloaded (digital files).

So much more than your annual family portraits.

What if a tradition of annual family portraits could bring us more than just the cute smiling faces looking into the camera? So much more!

What if it could serve a dual mission – bring joy to our loved ones as they open an envelope and take out a freshly printed holiday card and also preserve some priceless childhood memories for our kids?

Family Storytelling is just about that! It’s a fun experience for the entire family where you can enjoy the moment and be yourselves while I take pictures.
You will not only get the updated family portrait, but also add the whole new chapter to the book of your family memories.

Melissa's Family Storytelling

A regular weekend morning – that’s the best setup for your Family Storytelling session.
I recommend starting at home – it makes it so much easier for everyone to relax and be themselves. Your kids just carry on with their regular routine and I join them asking questions about their favorite toys, books, etc. 15 minutes into the session everyone has forgotten about the camera. That’s when we start getting some real moments that will no doubt be your favorite pictures from the shoot. After an hour at home I suggest we go out to a local park or a playground. We’ll take relaxed portraits where I’ll give a little direction and then it’s back to play.
Two hours fly by when you’re all having a good time!

We’ve asked Polina to do two different family/baby photo shoots for us. She captured photos that are just adorable, heartwarming, colorful and gorgeous and that we will treasure forever. She is also super down to earth, easy to talk to, and flexible about scheduling. I would definitely like to book her in the future.


Why Family Storytelling?

Let’s face it – a typical family photo shoot can involve a fair amount of stress, especially for a mom who is trying to make sure that everyone looks perfect, the kids behave and her husband isn’t hating it too much.

The thing is – Family Storytelling is not a typical family photo shoot!
The only thing I ask from you is to be yourselves and have a good time together doing the things you normally enjoy. During our session I’ll capture the little moments of connection, the essence of childhood and your kids being kids.

I’ll capture how it feels, not just how it looks.
Why? Because these images will have an extraordinary ability to take you back and relive the moment. The pictures I take for you now will mean more to you year after year, making them the best possible investment to preserve your family memories.

Why do we hire a family photographer?

We want our kids to have tangible memories of their childhoods – the memories of being happy and loved. We also want those memories for ourselves – the cute and fun things they do, our bond with our kids and the proof that all our struggles of parenthood were worth it!

We don’t hire a family photographer to only post a few images on social media. Tangible memories mean tangible printed products!

I am committed to providing a full service for my clients, from capturing your special moments to handing you a printed story you will all enjoy for many years to come. That’s why each package includes the printed component.
Trust me, this is going to be your favorite!

Geanie's Family Storytelling

How would Family Storytelling look if it’s a newborn photography? 
Unlike traditional newborn photographers, I don’t want our session to happen within the first ten days after your baby is born. I won’t be taking posed pictures of your baby asleep in a basket, so waiting until 4-6 weeks old makes much more sense. Your baby will still be tiny but will stay awake longer, start smiling and will show off their personality. Everyday life with a newborn at home is a pattern of feeding, changing diapers and rocking to sleep. Trust me, that will give us plenty of moments! And of course we’ll find time for portraits too.
The flow of a Family Storytelling session is so relaxed, you’ll be surprised at how many wonderful pictures we’ll get in two hours.

Polina is our preferred family photographer for special occasion photos, and birthday parties. She originally was recommended to us by another mom when I was in search of journalistic style photos at home with our infant twins. Since then, Polina has photographed our family each year and has seen our children grow. She’s always fair, honest, and fast. The children take to her well, and she instinctively knows the sweetest photos we will treasure.


Let's chat about your Family Storytelling today!

Family Storytelling FAQ

- What day and time is best for this session?

Weekend mornings have proved to be the best time for Family Storytelling sessions. Kids are often in their best mood in the morning plus the light outdoors will be perfect.

- How do we prepare for our family session?

Family Storytelling is centered around real moments, so very little preparation is needed. Just choose the day and time and start to think of a few activities you like doing as a family. We’ll talk more about it over the phone!

- Which activities do you recommend?

For the in-home part of your session it can be as simple as reading a book together, playtime, having a pillow fight or even sharing a meal. Everyday life at home contains plenty of moments that make wonderful photographs. When we head outdoors I suggest bringing a few things with you – a ball, a jumping rope, bubbles, a frisbee or even a silly string – anything that you and your kids will have fun doing together.

- What if we only want digital files?

There are only a handful of families that I can photograph each year and I chose to offer these families the very best service. Handing you only digital files would mean that it’s your job to do something with your photos before your family can enjoy them. That would mean I wouldn’t have finished my job – that’s not how I work.

- Can we use these pictures for our holiday cards?

Absolutely! Most of my clients hire me every year and use their favorite photos for the annual holiday cards. I suggest having a relaxed family portrait on the front of your card and a collage of moments based photos on the back!

- What if our kids don’t behave?

This is my favorite part – the crazier the better, we’ll have more fun moments to capture! I don’t expect kids to behave a certain way or do certain things. I want them to be themselves; this is exactly why working with kids is my favorite thing!