Day In The Life. Marlborough, CT

Every parent of a grown up child knows those mixed feelings when your baby is about to leave home and start a new chapter in their life. You feel scared yet proud, sad yet full of love, wanting to stop time yet excited to see what’s next…
This August I was invited to Marlborough, CT for a very special Day In The Life. Anna Holden, herself a documentary family photographer, felt the urge not only to have this time in her family’s life recorded, but also to be present in the frame with her loved ones. Anna’s oldest daughter Phoenix was getting ready to leave for college in a week’s time and every little moment with her seemed so very precious.
During Day In The Life sessions I spend 12 hours with the family, but of course I don’t take pictures every single minute. I do so when interesting moments are happening. This said, I have to admit, that Anna’s family kept me busy almost the entire time, which made selecting images for the post extremely difficult. This also made me think that Anna is probably the right person to ask for an “expert’s advice” on how to rock your Day In The Life. She surprised me with her reply, as she chose to highlight something that I didn’t think that much about yet it made perfect sense:
My advice for getting the most out of your Day In The Life? Having experienced it several times on both sides of the lens, my advice is to MAKE TIME FOR YOUR SPOUSE (and don’t be shy with PDA)! Being the family photographer, I don’t have a lot of photos with me and my children, but I have even fewer photos of me and my husband. And I see it all the time when I document other families; some full day Day In The Life sessions I haven’t even been able to get one photo of the parents interacting with each other! Sure, they’re in the same picture, but there’s no interaction. Kids are experts at domineering our time and I’d say most people actually hire photographers for this reason – to document how little and sweet and funny these adorable beings are and how very much we love them, BUT make sure you’re interacting with your spouse too. It’s just as important to document your relationship with one another, the love that started it all! These photos will be treasures for your children. Promise. Oh. My second piece of advice? Kisses are hard to capture. If you want pictures of you kissing your spouse, or children, kiss them often and lots 😉



I also asked Anna to share her favorites from our day and these are the ones she selected:

“There are so many photos from our Day In The Life with you that I absolutely love, but these are my four favorites. Sorry if that’s too many, I can’t narrow it down any further. I think I started with 20!!! Being a documentary family photographer myself, the ones I am most drawn to, those I plan on enlarging and framing, are these – the ones that I can’t take myself. Not just for the simple fact that I’m in them, but because you have truly captured the love I have for not only each of my children, but also for my husband. They are my everything, and I’m pretty sure anyone can tell from these photos. No matter how hard I work at it (and I do), there’s just no way I (nor I daresay anyone) can take self-portraits like these. Thank you so much for your talent and time (and trekking out to CT to spend the day with us!). xo”


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