Family Storytelling. Hudson River Park, NYC

Fall is the busiest season for New York photographers. It means nonstop phone consultations, shooting, editing, designing albums, packing, shipping and so much more! To me it’s also the most exciting season, because it means working with returning clients, seeing kids grow and change and seeing families grow and change. This is truly the essence of my job: recording your journey, becoming your family’s visual biographer!
As I was checking my calendar for the upcoming month I saw Megan’s name and it warmed my heart. I only met Crowley family last November, when Nell was about to turn one, and we had a wonderful two hours Family Storytelling. We connected right the way and I knew that this session is the first of many.
While working on the blog post yesterday, I asked Megan what was her favorite part of a last year experience and why this year they decided to book a longer Day In The Life session. Her response made my day:
“I loved how natural it felt to have you in our home and how you perfectly captured our family, which is exactly why we decided to go for more this year. We only have so many opportunities to capture Nell at this stage so it only made sense to try and capture more memories!”
As I am counting days to work with the Crowleys again this year, I am inviting you to look at some of the favorites from their first session with me.



Be that a shorter Family Storytelling or a longer Day In The Life, printed component is always a part of your experience. Crowley family selected a gorgeous book with linen cover and 50 of their favorite images as a home for these precious memories:


Are you ready to start recording memories for your family? Let’s chat!


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