Day In The Life Session. Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

I know Desiree for almost 5 years now. She was one of my first clients (when she was pregnant with the second child), then she started her own photography business and we became colleagues, then one year both of us were doing the 365 projects documenting our kids life and sharing images daily. We’ve built this strong bond over the years and it was very special for me to join her family for one full day in December to document not only the everyday routine, but also some holiday traditions.
As you can see photographers also need photographers. Why? Because being in the frame with our kids is very important both for them and for us. I strongly believe that one day these pictures would serve not only as childhood memories but also as a strong foundation to build their own families.
And while I have so many thoughts in my head about this amazing family and all the fun, love and hard work I witnessed during that day, I think the best thing I can do is to let the pictures tell the story.



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