Day In The Life Session. Upper East Side, NY

There was absolutely nothing special about this day. Just boring everyday routine. Same old same old.
After doing hundreds of family sessions, events, weddings, taking thousands of pictures of my own family – this was the most challenging session I’ve ever done. I spent a full day with the family starting at 7 AM and leaving at 9 PM. I mostly followed the mom first part of the day and the dad second part of the day – with three kids you have too many places to go and things to do.
I didn’t give any directions, I used only available light, I worked extremely hard to capture the right moments.
This was the most meaningful type of session I’ve ever done. My heart is so full with love to this incredible family who let me in and allowed to be the part of their life for one full day. They inspired me not only to be a better photographer, but also to be a better wife, better mom and simply a better human.
These tiny moments that no one cares to notice. We are too busy. We have bills to pay, homework to do, dinner to cook. Yet these moments are the essence of who we are and the footprints that we leave in our kids memories.
There was absolutely nothing special about this day. But these pictures are the most special I’ve ever took.



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