Day In The Life. Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

I know this family for many years. I photographed them many times. First with one kid, then with two, then with three and this time with four.
Each and every time I not only enjoy our session, but I also feel very inspired afterwards as I realize that I learned something new about great parenting and about Judaism and I just can’t wait to implement my knowledge.
This session was the most special of all as I spent half of the Sunday with them documenting their regular routine.
What is your family’s regular Sunday routine? Do you even have one? Or maybe each Sunday is different for you as you are engaged in fun family activities? Maybe you are a photographer, just like me, and you usually work on Sunday?
Well, this family has very busy Sundays: crazy dancing, breakfast, crazy dancing again, dress up and again some crazy dancing, study time and then the most special of all – they go to visit great-grandparents (mother’s grandparents and father’s grandma). Both great-grandpa and great-grandma are 100 years old!!!
My heart was so full when I saw this beautiful deep connection between two generations almost a century apart from one another. What keeps this connection so tight? I know the answer, but I’ll let you guess.



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