Family Storytelling. Prospect Park, Brooklyn

It was my 6th session with this family!
Seeing them every Fall makes my heart so full. I get to witness how kids’ personalities change and how they interact with each other slightly different year after year. It was fun to see how baby Nora grew up so much since our last session and became an active participant in boys’ games. Dressed in the cutest girly outfit she was a rough player and it seems like next year Sebastian and Matteo won’t be able to catch up with her.
We’ve spent 2 hours in Prospect Park and majority of this time kids were running around and playing on the big lawn. This type of relaxed session is the best for capturing moments, because both kids and parents get to settle and start interacting with each other the way they would normally do without me and my camera.
“I feel I have a piece of their childhood forever in these pictures” – Marlys said.
Oh, and she also said: “I love all of them, what did you do with all the people in the park??? I can’t believe you were able to get rid of all of them!”
Well, I don’t edit people out. It’s just a matter of selecting the right lens, right angle and waiting for the right moment. But it all starts with selecting the right photographer and sticking with her for years!



Family Storytelling is a 2 hours family session with 20 minutes devoted to directed, yet relaxed, portraits and the rest is based on fun activities that the entire family enjoys doing together. It becomes all about you – unique personalities of the family members, love, interaction and so much more. Let’s chat today to make this happen for your family!


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