Day In The Life. Upper West Side, NY

Jon and Wendy found me through a recommendation in a group for Upper West Side parents on Facebook. Later, when Wendy was telling me about it, she said:
“That mom recommended you, but why didn’t she say how special and unique your work is? We fell in love with your Day In The Life sessions immediately after checking your website!”.
And indeed Day In The Life was a perfect way to record this milestone for them – transitioning to a family of 4 as well as incorporating New York in our pictures. The family was about to move to California and capturing these precious memories was very important.
When talking about documentary family photography, trust is everything! I can only get as close as you let me. Of course gaining the trust is a huge part of my job, but with this family I was amazed by how organic it was.
It started with an email in the evening: “I’ll ask the doorman to send you up and we’ll leave the door open so you can just come in!” When I came at 7:40 AM, Jon was in the living room with baby Charlie, while Wendy and the big sister Sophie were still sleeping. I took just few pictures and used this time to talk to Jon. We had a great conversation and after 20 minutes it seemed like I knew them forever.
When the baby started to cry, daddy took him to the sleeping mommy (who didn’t meet me yet). So I went with him and asked Wendy in a whispering voice, since her eyes were still closed, if I can start “being in her space” and her reply was “Sure!” So imagine, this women never met me, I am climbing on her bed and standing right on top of them taking pictures of her breastfeeding with her eyes closed. Then she opens her eyes, looks at me and says: “oh, you have such a gorgeous hair!” Could I possibly love her more at that moment?
The day was pretty packed: breakfast, dressing up and going out with two kids was already quite an adventure of its own! Then farmer’s market, Central Park playground, bagels on Central Park lawn, listening to the saxophone player, making a wish by throwing coins to the Bethesda fountain, then back home for a few hours nap, then music together class, Museum of Natural History, then “witching hour”, dinner and night routine. Did you get exhausted by just reading this?
During the “witching hour”, when we were on the way home from the museum, one month old Charlie was crying non stop and two year old Sophie was tired and whining. The parents just didn’t have enough hands. At some point the mommy in me overpowered the photographer and I asked: “Guys, do you want me to continue shooting (I already had some frames) or do you need my help?” They answered without hesitation: “PICTURES!” Later, when Wendy left with the crying baby in her hands to get home as soon as possible to nurse him, she didn’t even realize that she had left Jon with a tired Sophie and two strollers in the middle of the street.



Day In The Life package includes a printed component, which is always the most exciting part!
Jon and Wendy went with the 12’x12’ Book showcasing 100 of their favorite images from the day.
“We got it–Wow!!! It’s even better than we could have hoped!” was the email I got from them upon receiving it.
I couldn’t resist adding a pee-pee teepee to the package. Because, well.. I thought Jon will find it helpful.


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