Family Storytelling. Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Maryana was following my work for a while waiting for a perfect time to have me capture memories for her family. As Maggie’s Bat Mizvah is coming up this December we decided that having a family session in addition to the event coverage would be a great idea!
Family Storytelling is a 2 hours family session with 20 minutes devoted to directed, yet relaxed, portraits and the rest is based on fun activities that the entire family enjoys doing together. It becomes all about you – unique personalities of the family members, love, interaction and so much more.
The truth is – it’s never about the activity itself, but about the moments that we can get while engaging with it.
For example David was feeding ducks with such passion that it looked like he is going to kill them with the cereal. It was so funny to witness it in comparison to Maggie being extra gentle and caring.
One of my favorite moments from the session is Maggie enjoying her ice cream. She got so absorbed with it, that she completely forgot about the camera and I got a chance to capture the last drops of childhood in this beautiful young lady.
And of course the picture of two of them sharing a secret – so much love and tenderness in this precious moment. Mind you, less than a minute after I took this photo they were on the ground fighting. That’s what siblings love is all about.
I am looking forward photographing Maggie’s Bat Mizvah in December and then putting together an Album for the family using their favorites from both sessions!



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