Day In The Life. Merrick, NY

This week I’d like to invite you to spend a Sunday at Merrick, NY with a family of five.
Marlys and Brian had six shorter sessions with me in the last 8 years prior to having a Day In The Life this summer. After all these years of seeing each other on a regular basis and following each others adventures on social media, it was an incredible experience to dive into their busy and fun everyday life.
Sebastian always loved goofing around, entertaining the crowd with silly and sometimes quite dangerous tricks. Of course this time wasn’t any different and gave me plenty of moments to work on. From the very first session we had together, it was obvious that Matteo is crazy about soccer. There was not a single time he wouldn’t bring a ball with him to a shoot. It didn’t surprise me that during our Day In The Life he had not just one but two soccer games on schedule. Norah, a little sister, was always a girly girl who on one hand wanted to be a little princess and on the other not to miss any fun her brothers are engaged in. I learned a new thing about her too, the one we have in common: sweet tooth. And of course Marlys and Brian continue being my heroes, inspiring me to be a better parent one shoot at a time.
Find few of my favorites below followed by a slideshow!



Enjoy the slideshow:



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