Family Storytelling. Upper West Side, NYC

Some of you might remember the Freemans from their fun Family Storytelling session last year.
This year’s session also took place on Upper West Side, exactly one year later on another beautiful weekend morning. We decided to meet even earlier to spend some time in Central Park with Maggie, family’s beloved dog, then headed home to cook delicious breakfast and play. Another set of childhood memories is captured and printed in a beautiful Photo Book!

I asked Rachel what was her favorite part of the experience and she said:
“Our kids change so quickly and it’s so important for us to capture such special family moments in the places that are meaningful to us. It’s also a chance for us all to be in the pictures, which otherwise never happens! We truly cherish these photos. Thank you, thank you!!”

Let it be a reminder for all of us, me included, to get in the frame with our kids.
Enjoy the slideshow!


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