Day In The Life. Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Caroline and Marcelo received a Day In The Life package as a gift from family friends when baby Gabriela, their fourth child, was born. You know how fast time flies when you have a baby in the house, so a year later we finally scheduled a date and decided that Sunday would be perfect for that. Sundays have a pretty settled routine: starting with breakfast at the family’s Upper West Side apartment, followed by sports activities and then a relaxed day with Caroline’s parents at Hastings-on-Hudson – at the house where she grew up, right across the street from her elementary school.
I was amazed by the beautiful connection that family members shared, how much they enjoyed spending time together no matter what they were doing: cooking, walking a dog, organizing a closet or giving a bath to the baby. It was an ordinary Sunday with no special agenda, yet we captured the most special memories.



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