Day In The Life. Lebanon, CT

Most of the inquiries that I receive are from families with younger kids, usually under the age of five. I think the main reason is that kids grow and change so much during those first years, it adds a sense of urgency. We want to stop time, to remember their toothless smiles, first steps, tantrums in the grocery store – all the fun things! And then we come to the point where we are settled into a school routine and the years seem pretty similar and that sense of urgency is lost. We might wonder how this session would be different from the one a year ago?
Today I’d like to share the pictures that I took last August during the half day Day In The Life for Jessica, her three teenage kids and two dogs in Lebanon, CT. While we often try to fill our kids’ Summer with fun trips, Summer camps and play dates, those unstructured days when we are trapped at home all together without any particular plans bring out some of the best moments.
These images capture not only the relationships between the family members and their individual personalities, but also the overall mood of a lazy Summer day. How many of these Summers are left until the kids are off to college? And all of a sudden it’s urgent again..



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