Motherhood Chorus. Part 1

As one of my clients once said: “When you are a mother, every day is a Mother’s Day!”
This post is for mothers by mothers. It comes in two parts: first one today and the second one on Monday.
Families I work with are definitely my biggest source of inspiration!

This week I reached out to some of my favorite moms and asked them to answer two questions about their motherhood experience:
– What’s the most challenging thing right now?
– What is the best part right now?

It was truly amazing to see how our perception of parenting is changing depending on what stage we are at. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to enjoy every second, be that a joyful one or a difficult one, as it won’t last forever.

Meaghan (a mother of a 6 months old daughter):
Most challenging I know it’s a cliche, but truly my biggest challenge is finding enough hours in the day for everything I need to accomplish! My To Do list seems to grow faster than my baby.
Best part Ellie is in the most amazing phase of discovery right now and it is so much fun to watch! She’s so insatiably curious and loves to explore everything around her. Through her, I get to see the world in a whole new way and it’s incredible!


Annita (a mother of two sons ages 13 & 3, and three daughters ages 11, 9 & 7):
Most challenging My older kids are starting to have bigger problems. My biggest challenge is to stay calm and practical and help them through their problems in ways that I sometimes can’t even do for myself. I constantly have to remind myself that I’m the grownup now… and what would I have wanted from a grownup when I was their age? In many ways I’m still stuck on some problems that I encountered when I was close to their age. I never fully solved them… just swept them under the rug. It’s terrifying to have to face that again… but stay calm. I’m the grownup now.
Best part As is often the case… the best and the most challenging are the same. All my kids have very strong but very different personalities. They’re all struggling in similar ways. You always hear people say: “we’re all really the same”. It’s wonderful to see the breadth of humanity in the little samplings of lives that are my family. It’s amazing how much difference goes into this “sameness”. It’s thrilling to know that I’m in a position to make a positive change in their lives.

Desiree (a mother of a 5 years old son and a 6 years old daughter):
Most challenging Balancing their need to be independent little people and my need for them to follow my direction. In more detail – it’s so important that they make decisions on their own and feel comfortable doing this as they are getting older. But I also feel like it is equally important for them to know they have to listen to me.
Best part Listening to them having conversations with each other, about anything. I love listening to them tell stories, make up games, even trying to “figure it out” when having a disagreement. It’s awesome to see how capable they are, and how much fun it is listening to their thoughts and ideas, especially when they don’t know I’m listening.


Megan (a mother of an 18 months old daughter):
Most challenging Staying connected to Jon. Between Nell, work and just the general business of our lives, it’s hard to find time to stop and just enjoy each other!
Best part The quiet moments where everything seems still. I love my morning walks with Nell where we split a cinnamon roll and watch the ferries come in before we each start our days.


Allison (a mother of two sons ages 10 & 2, and a daughter age 12):
Most challenging Balancing the needs of three children who are at the very different stages of development. Even though Naomi & Layne are close in age, their needs & personalities are very different.
Best part Feeling their love, seeing their smiles, and feeling amused each day by their vibrant and funny personalities.


Wendy (a mother of a 2 years old daughter and an 8 months old son):
Most challenging Letting my almost three-year-old regress when she needs to without getting annoyed at her.
Best part The pure joy and excitement my kids have when seeing me after I’ve been gone for a little while. It melts my heart.

And what about YOU?
What stage of motherhood are you at right now?
What is most the most challenging and what’s the best part?

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