Day In The Life. Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

I remember how I found Annita’s Instagram and fell in love with her art immediately. Each and every image made me feel joy, pride and deep connection to my Jewish roots.
The way Annita is expressing herself through art is similar to how I am expressing myself through photography – we both tell stories with our images and do it in a very specific way. It’s like we are using the same recipe but adding slightly different spices.
Meeting Annita’s family and spending Sunday with them was more than a Day In The Life session. For me it was a glimpse into an everyday life of a beloved artist – a special backstage invitation.
Making a living as an artist is quite a challenge already. Now how about being an artist, a wife and a mother of five? And if that’s not enough, we can also add few hamsters and parakeets to the mix!
Some highlights of the day included: trying to convince one of the parakeets to get out of the cage and enjoy the freedom (didn’t happen); song and dance performance that lasted for two hours, accompanied by giggles and lots of silliness and some baking sessions where the kids cooked mostly by themselves!
While I didn’t get a chance to witness Annita creating her art during our half day Day In The Life session, I think I’ve learned where her inspiration comes from. It’s not only the family, it’s also the way the neighborhood feels. Crown Heights has an amazing energy. It’s like a beehive, where every person is working hard fulfilling their mission while serving a bigger mutual goal. I definitely left feeling enriched and inspired!



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