Lifestyle Family Portraits before Upsherin. Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Have you ever heard an Yiddish Word “Naches”?

Per Ariela Pelaia the definition of the word is: Naches is a Yiddish word that means “pride” or “joy.” Typically naches refers to the pride or joy that a child brings a parent. For instance, when a child is born people will often say to the new parents “May (your son or daughter) bring you naches.” The “ch” is pronounced gutturally – so it’s not “ch” as in “cheese” but rather “ch” as in “Bach”.

And if you are curious to see how Jewish Naches looks like, check out this post!

EDIT: I got few comments about how cute and beautiful the youngest girl in a blue shirt is. Please note, the youngest child is a BOY, not a girl, with most beautiful curls I’ve ever seen. Jewish boys are getting their first haircut when they turn 3 and this special haircutting ceremony is called Upsherin. This session was happening a week before the Upsherin, so of course capturing these curls was a must!


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