Family Portraits before Upsherin at Coney Island Beach

From Wiki: Upsherin – is a haircutting ceremony observed by Jewish people. It is typically held when a boy turns three years old. Among those who practice the upsherin, the male infant does not have his hair cut until this ceremony.
And there is another great tradition associated with upsherin, which is not mentioned in Wikipedia – taking family pictures couple of weeks before the haircut. I think you can easily guess the reason for that by looking at Nosson’s stunning curls!
While getting the images ready for this post I realized that this family were one of my very first clients. They were a family of four then, with Nosson being in mommy’s belly. And the reason for a session was that Choni (who is now 6) was going to get his first haircut in a week!
This session was special for numerous of reasons: 1. you know how much I love Coney Island, 2. you know how much I love returning clients, 3. It’s always awesome when a child tries something new during the session, because the family will have this moment captured! In this case Nosson got to enjoy the sand for the very first time. Before he was afraid of it and refused to try it.



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