Polina Bulman | Day In The Life. NYC Vacation

Full day documentary vacation session for a family of four.

This session was such an interesting combination of a regular Day In The Life, where the focus is on everyday moments that showcase the essence of a family as well as personalities of each family member, and a Vacation Session, where the focus is on the city and on travel adventures.

Barbara is an Atlanta-based documentary photographer. A trip to New York was always her dream and she fell in love with this city right away. They decided to rent an apartment through Airbnb instead of staying in one of NY’s many hotels, as they wanted the real authentic feel of the city instead of a traditional tourist's experience. They chose to stay in DUMBO and what a great choice it was, as this is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Brooklyn!

We started the day having coffee at Iris Cafe, then traveled to Manhattan to explore Chinatown and Little Italy. There was playground fun, bubble tea at Kung Fu Tea and a delicious Italian lunch at IL Cortile. Then we headed to Children's Museum of the Arts to enjoy the Lorax trees project, painting, play doh bar and so much more! Next, we headed to the High Line and back to Brooklyn to enjoy dinner at River Deli restaurant which was approved by Italians as a "true taste of home". Lastly, the bedtime routine with some tickling, fighting, reading and lots of love.

What a busy, fun day!