Polina Bulman | Family Storytelling

What is Family Storytelling?

Do you like those perfect family pictures - where everyone is dressed up in matching outfits, looking into the camera and smiling? If so, I am probably not the right photographer for you.

The way I work with families is by telling the story of who you are. I capture the little moments of connection, the essence of childhood, kids being kids - doing weird stuff and getting dirty.

I capture how it feels, not how it looks.

Why? Because these pictures have an extraordinary ability to take you back and relive the moment. The pictures I take for you now will mean more to you year after year, making them the best possible investment to preserve your family memories.

Your session can take place at your home, in the park or at the beach - you choose what your family loves the most. It's up to two hours, including 20 minutes devoted to posed portraits, where I give some direction. The rest is documentary, based on activities that we choose beforehand.

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