Merion Botanical Park: Family Photography Session in Philadelphia, PA

“What if?”

So begins the photography website owned by Philadelphia family photographer Polina Bulman. Life is nothing but interwoven stories, of the commonplace as well as the special. What if we could tell a story in images, the stories that capture the magic of the ordinary, the special fleeting moments that are the very fabric of life? In her photography, Polina has created this place woven of the real and the true.

Unique Family Photography in Philly’s Merion Botanical Park

When Polina was asked to take family photographs for a couple, both medical professionals who were busy balancing life and growing a family, the intuitive balance of nature called out. Getting away from the confines of four walls that could represent the stresses of life and taking cues from the underlying pulse of the natural world made Merion Botanical Park the perfect backdrop for taking a series of family photos. Only five minutes away, it did not disappoint with a perfect blanket of autumn leaves.

Three young boys and nature — add one Philadelphia family photographer, and it was a perfect combination for a session intended to capture the playful joy of family. The session began with playing in the couple’s backyard and then moved on to the botanical park.

The first part of the session was devoted to baby brother, but not to be outdone as the elder sibling, the oldest brother had many questions about photography and shadowed Polina’s every move, even taking his own “virtual” photographs. The boys soon forgot about being photographed and focused on play — hide and seek, leaf fights, tree climbs, and pebble tosses. What photographer?

The product was a series of candid joy, a family sharing a day together and relaxing and playing in nature. And Merion Botanical Park offered another layer to the photos with its lovingly tended spaces and its rich and interesting history. Now a 13-acre park in the middle of a beautiful residential neighborhood, the property was converted from an abandoned lot and dumpsite in the mid-1940s and brought to life by an organization of community volunteers.

History of Merion Botanical Park

The founding organization, the Botanical Society of Lower Merion, began to solicit residents, asking for subscriptions in the amount of 5 percent of their property values. With these funds, the society purchased and developed the park with the township of Lower Merion purchasing the adjacent lot. Both township and botanical society have partnered to maintain and care for what has become Merion Botanical Park. Today, it is a shining example of what the community is capable of and the resiliency of nature.

Soon after the session, Polina was pleased to find a 5-star review left by the family. It read, “Polina was so lovely to work with. She took beautiful photos of our family and was very flexible and easy-going. We will definitely use her again for family photos and would highly recommend her!!”

Polina believes that her style of family photography brings her into contact with the most incredible families, those who value the beauty in the fleeting, ordinary moments of life. As an award-winning Philadelphia family photographer, she offers her unique brand of family sessions throughout Philadelphia as well as New Jersey and New York.





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