Polina Bulman | Day In The Life. Upper East Side, NY

Full day documentary family session for a family of five at Upper East Side, New York, NY.

It was a regular day during the week, which means early wake up and hectic morning.

Layne is dressing his baby brother, while mommy is doing Naomi's hair. Naomi goes to school at Upper West so she has to go out earlier. Mommy is taking her by bus every morning with baby Cole in a carrier.

This baby is a 3rd child, which means he is just carried around while parents are busy with the everyday errands. He seems to enjoy it. He makes friends everywhere: cashier at the supermarket, security guy in the building, older kids at big sister's soccer practice. He is also very busy during the day making sure not to miss anything that his mom is doing around the house.

I mostly followed the mom during the first part of the day and the dad during the second - with three kids you have too many places to go and things to do.

Everyone met at Naomi's soccer game and it followed with the regular evening routine: homework with older kids, feeding the baby, bath time.

There was absolutely nothing special about this day. But these pictures are the most special I've ever took.