Polina Bulman | Day In The Life Sessions 2017

What is Day In The Life?


For people who believe in recording memories of childhood for their kids, I do this job for you by spending a day with your family capturing all the little moments that are the essence of who you are, but might be gone forever un-noticed because of how hectic our life is.

I am building the bridge from today to the day in the future when you are going to miss today badly. And then you’ll be able to cross this bridge in the opposite direction and find a comfort in it.

You'll be amazed by how much love, hard work and appreciation goes into your everyday.

This session is fully documentary, which means:

I don't give any directions, I use only available light, I work extremely hard to capture the right moments.

During this day I become a part of the family. I get to know all of you, we basically hang out together. Next morning kids will be sad that I am not there. Some people think that this type of session means that the photographer is like a "fly on the wall". That's not true at all. There is no way to capture all the fun, intimate, full of love moments unless I am very connected with my subjects. So we talk, we laugh, we play, we have tea together. Or coffee. Or wine.


How much does it cost?

Day In The Life package consists of 3 components: Captured, Printed, Downloaded.

Build your own package by selecting one from each group.

Find detailed description below. 




Full day (12-13 hours)


Half Day (5-6 hours)




Box with Prints


(full day)



(half day)

Photo Book

starting at $600

(full day)


starting at $500

(half day)

Photo Album

starting at $900

(full day)


starting at $700

(half day)



Artisan Gallery


(full day)



(half day)

Extended Gallery


(full day)



(half day)


NYC sales tax of 8.875% will be added to your invoice


Captured is your session fee that includes photographer's time and talent during the shoot and post processing of your images. 

Full Day is 12-13 hours of photography coverage. I start when kids wake up and I leave when you turn their lights off.

Half Day is 5-6 hours of photography coverage. Let's discuss what part of the day will be most meaningful to capture.

Session fee does not include any prints, products or digital files.

Travel fee may apply for locations other than Manhattan or Brooklyn. 


Printed is your way of enjoying your story and share it with those who matter the most.


Box with Prints is a handcrafted custom designed box with 5x7 prints of your Artisan Gallery. 

Photo Book is made from premium quality materials with the finest press paper, the pages lay flat. Starting price is for 10'x10' size and 100 images for Full Day or 65 images for Half Day. Additional images added to your Book are $20 per image. 12'x12' size is $150 extra. Linen Cover.

Photo Album is made from premium quality materials with the archival quality photo paper, thicker pages, lay flat. Starting price is for 10'x10' size and 100 images for Full Day or 65 images for Half Day. Additional images added to your Album are $20 per image. 12'x12' size is $150 extra. Cover options: Custom Canvas Cover, Leather or Linen. Presented in a beautiful and modern graphite box.


Downloaded is your way to back-up the digital files, share images online and order printed products on your own.

Your galleries will be available in 6 weeks after the session. 

Artisan Gallery  includes a minimum of 100 images for Full day or a minimum of 65 images for Half Day. These are the very best images from your day, artfully processed and retouched. These include color and black & white.

Extended Gallery includes all the images from the Artisan Gallery as well as the additional images from your day that will make you happy, with minor editing. You can expect a minimum of 100 additional images for the full day and 65 additional images for the half day.

You can select to purchase either the Artisan Gallery or the Extended one. Your files will be presented with Custom USB Drive and Box. 


"Can we get only the digital files?"

No, and here is why - your experience is not complete unless the images are printed. That's why each package includes the Printed component. Trust me, this is going to be your favorite!  


Schedule of payments

Your CAPTURED fee is due upon booking. Your galleries will be open for 2 weeks and that's when you pay your PRINTED and DOWNLOADED fees depending on what you select.