Polina Bulman | Day In The Life Q&A



Day In The Life Q&A


- How does one pick a day to document?

That's the best part of it! And it's especially true for bigger families with multiple kids and crazy schedules - you don't need to find a perfect day to accommodate the shoot. ANY day is a perfect day! You don't need to find time to clean up, because in real life with little kids, how long would your home stay perfectly clean? You don't have to shop for new outfits or to schedule hair & makeup appointments. We want it to be your real everyday life! This session is not only the best option for  capturing the most priceless memories; it's also the easiest one for parents!


- How long is a Day In The Life session?

Day In The Life session can be either a full day (12-13 hours) or half day (6 hours).


- Would you shoot for 12-13 hours? That’s crazy!

No I wouldn’t. These sessions are moments based, which means that when the moment is happening I’ll be taking lots and lots of pictures to select the very best ones for you. Then during the less active times of the day, such as baby's nap time, there will be periods when I won't shoot at all.


- Do we have to feed you?

Yes please. Think about it as if a friend is coming over for a day.


- Should anything be out of the ordinary, for example our clothes?

Everything should be very ordinary! That's the whole point of it - to capture the REAL, ORDINARY life. To capture how hard parents work, how much love goes into our everyday, the real personality of a child, the connection between family members etc.

From my experience - the more mundane the better, the more of the everyday routine the better.

For your clothes - wear what you usually wear every day! Because how often do all of you have a breakfast in matching outfits?


- But that would mean no makeup if it's a weekend morning, with sweatpants,  and a bad hair day. How would this look in pictures?

Yes!  It's exactly the way it is - a weekend morning with no makeup and in sweatpants. And the whole point of it is to embrace it and see the beauty in it. This whole session is about how it FEELS not how it LOOKS. Your family and your kids see you like this every weekend morning, they love you this way and you are the most beautiful person to them. What do you think they will remember about weekend mornings? My guess is: morning cuddles in their parents’ bed, the most delicious pancakes that Mommy cooks, some fighting with their siblings over their toys, silly faces that Daddy makes during breakfast as he doesn't have to rush to work. I can go on and on! I promise they would not remember "Mom looking bad without makeup and in sweatpants".


- How do you get people to be themselves, especially kids, to capture those real unposed moments?

The way I work with families is to help them relax very soon after we start. I talk a lot, I ask questions, and I play with the kids. This session feels like I’ve come over for a day, not like a photo shoot. Very soon I become a part of things and my camera becomes "invisible".


- My husband works long hours during the week, but I really want to have a Day In The Life session. He is sharing very few moments of our daily life during the week, only in the early morning and late in night. How would you manage this?

There are MANY families just like yours, where dads leave to work early and get back when the kids are in bed. In this case I would say that a weekend will be a better choice, so you'll have more family time. Another option would be to have a half day during the week and half day on a weekend. I can accommodate special requests like this and in this case I would capture part of your daily routine as well as the weekend fun.


- How do you work with kids who are not willing to be photographed?

This type of session is actually ideal for kids who are not usually willing to be photographed, or older boys, for example, who are just too cool to pose for the camera. Since there is no posing whatsoever in this session it feels very different. As long as you have real moments being together as a family we'll have great pictures.


- Do you take any portraits during Day In The Life sessions?

The only type of portraits that I take during Day In The Life sessions are environmental portraits.


- What is environmental portrait? 
It's a portrait that wasn't posed or directed in any way, instead it was caught in the environment that typically illuminates the subject's life and surroundings. By photographing a person in their natural surroundings, it is thought that you will be able to better illuminate their character, and therefore portray the essence of their personality, rather than merely a likeness of their physical features. It is also thought that by photographing a person in their natural surroundings, the subject will be more at ease, and so be more conductive to expressing themselves, as opposed to in a studio, which can be a rather intimidating and artificial experience. 


- Why do we have to buy a printed component? We love our digital images.

Those who know me well enough, know that everything I do comes from my heart. I can't do it unless I feel it and deeply believe in it. And this said, I deeply believe in the importance of printing your pictures!

I visited a very special person yesterday who is 86 years old. We sat at a dining table and she was showing me the album from her son’s Bar Mizvah. These pictures were taken 50 years ago and unless they were printed in a beautiful album, we wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy them. So many stories came from each picture. We laughed, we cried, she told me a story of her life in few hours by flipping through that album.

In 50 years from now would you still have this laptop or phone? Would you still have this usb drive? Would those new computers even have slots for 50 years’ old usb drives?!

But an album will work just fine and in 50 years it would mean everything for you, your children and your grandchildren.


- What if my kids don’t behave?

This is my favorite part - the crazier the better, we’ll have more fun moments to capture! I don’t expect kids to behave a certain way or do certain things. I want them to be themselves; this is exactly why working with kids is my favorite thing!


- Our family is really boring. What would you photograph?

You mean your kids behave every single time?  On a serious note you’ll be amazed by how your boring everyday life if full of little moments and I work very hard to capture them for you.  The only boring thing is screen time. Please limit it and we’ll be just fine! I promise.


- When and how can I book a Day In The Life session?

The sooner the better!

Email me at polinabulman@gmail.com or call 917-200-5486.