Day In The Life, SoHo, NYC

In her initial inquiry Annie wrote:
“I just gave birth to my second son and would love to get some pictures of him while he’s still super tiny since they grow so fast! I was wondering if you have any availability for a day in the life shoot? Not a typical newborn shoot or anything but something that captures the first real moments of our family going from 3 to 4.”

Over the phone I found out that their oldest son Lev is only 11 months old, which means that there are technically two babies in the house. Of course, compared to a newborn Theo, Lev all of a sudden seemed so big and mature. When I asked Annie what was her biggest challenge on this journey, she said that being pregnant for, what felt like, almost 2 years straight was really hard. And I bet it was!
While there was not a lot of interaction between the boys during the session, I kept thinking how lucky they are to have each other and to be so close in age. Lev won’t remember his life without Theo and I am sure very soon they’ll become the best buddies and “partners in crime”.
During our half day Day In The Life Noam’s parents came from Germany to visit and meet the baby, which added another set of precious memories to the family’s album.



Be that a shorter Family Storytelling or a longer Day In The Life session, printed component is always a part of your experience. Leslau family selected a gorgeous 10’x10′ album with distressed leather cover and 96 of their favorite images as a home for the precious memories, that Annie mentioned in her first email:



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