Day In The Life. Hudson River Park, NY

Few days ago I saw a post in my Instagram feed: a girl with adorable smile and a big white bow is holding a sign “First Day of Preschool”. Wait a second, I know this girl – it’s my friend Nell! Where did the time go that she starts preschool already!?
When I first worked with the Crowleys, Nell was about to turn one and we had a shorter 2 hours Family Storytelling session. She didn’t walk or talk yet but already had a huge personality which was impossible not to fall in love with.
Then last Fall we had a half day Day In The Life that allowed us to connect even more. Nell changed a lot since the first session. Not only her blonde curls got longer, she also turned into a very active toddler who kept us entertained the entire time. The session featured a Saturday morning routine: waking up and having a breakfast, playing at home, park time and even the swimming class.
Find few of my favorites below followed by a slideshow!



Enjoy the slideshow:


Oh, and I also wanted to share a picture of me and Nell, because Megan was so kind to take it!


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