Polina Bulman | 100 days of Summer. Week 1

100 days of Summer. Week 1

June 22, 2018  •  1 Comment

This year I am not doing 365 Project, but instead I decided to do 100 days of Summer. The goal is to put together another book. My daughter LOVES her 365 book and looks through it much more often than I expected. And surprisingly it's hubby's favorite as well. So here we go, week one is complete.

I am taking a break from blogging client's work and inviting you to follow our Summer adventures!




We went to a Chinese store to buy some fish for dinner and daddy had this genius idea to buy a crawfish to you as a pet. A 50 cents pet, named Richard.



While it's our 11th year in Seagate, this was our first time going to Mermaid Parade. 
You had the camera and truly amazed me by your willingness to take portraits of strangers. You would look for people who interested you, walk up to them, make a compliment and ask a permission to take a picture. Every single person was excited to pose for you! It seemed to me that the picture was not your main goal though. The main goal was to make a connection, to have a conversation, a positive interaction.
Observing you today was so moving and inspiring!

Some of my favorite portraits that you took during the parade.



We went to Governor's Island today. After having a picnic and playing in sprinklers, we moved our chairs to the area where "Jazz on the lawn" event was taking place. 
Oh how much you loved it! You found a good spot for yourself next to the fence where you could observe the band and the dancers. You stood there watching and listening, mesmerized by the variety of 1920's outfits and accessories, as well as the beauty of live music.
You love jazz. And you love classic music too. You got it from daddy. From your mornings in the car driving to school. Daddy always offers you the best music to listen to and accompanies it with stories about musicians, musical instruments and so much more.
At some point security guy noticed how involved you are and called you "backstage" to take a picture with dancers.
You also made some friends by taking their pictures and even made a special connection with the host of the event, who promised to get us in for free next time.



5 AM, while I am packing to leave to my shoot the cat is already at his favorite morning spot.

Monkey bars pep talk.



Your Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Calish, came for dinner and then we went to the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset together. While Zoe is leaving Success Academy to take a one year break and travel the world, she will always have a special place reserved in our hearts.



This is the first year we have periwinkles on Seagate beach and you are busy collecting and studying them.


You were so excited about the trip to NY Hall of Science today, that you woke up at 4:30 AM. Playground was your favorite part. On the way back we hit some heavy traffic but you didn't notice that as you fell asleep the minute we got into the car.


How is your summer going so far? I'd love to hear from you!


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I love that you're doing these projects, your kids will have so many memories and artifacts that a lot of kids today won't have <3
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