Polina Bulman | New York Family Photographer {Motherhood Chorus. Part 2}

New York Family Photographer {Motherhood Chorus. Part 2}

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As one of my clients once said: "When you are a mother, every day is a Mother's Day!" 

This post is for mothers by mothers. It comes in two parts: first one can be found here, and the second one is today.



Families I work with are definitely my biggest source of inspiration!

Last week I reached out to some of my favorite moms and asked them to answer two questions about their motherhood experience:

- What's the most challenging thing right now? 

- What is the best part right now? 


It was truly amazing to see how our perception of parenting is changing depending on what stage we are at. The biggest lesson I've learned is to enjoy every second, be that a joyful one or a difficult one, as it won't last forever. 



Sarah (a mother of two daughters ages 4 and 1):

Most challenging Trying to prioritize my young family while also tending to my business and myself. The eternal juggle of parenthood (and life, in general!). 

Best part My children are still at an age where their love is unconditional and overflowing. I remind myself of that often, and soak up all of the snuggles, love, and neediness, even, as much as I can. Also, watching their curiosity and engagement with the world, from a bug on the sidewalk to more complex social questions, is endlessly fascinating. 


Barbara (a mother of a 7 years old daughter and 11 years old son):

Most challenging Bullying. I never thought I'll have to deal with this! A mom of two kids ages 7 and 11, their life, and consequently mine, always went really well. Yet we are an atypical family - traveling different country in the last 5 years. I always tried to maintain a kind of stability in our life, for their soul’s sake. My older son has always been the more sensitive among the two, I've always had to keep an eye on him. In the last three years he changed three schools. And while Greta faced every single change with joy and excitement, for Ricky it wasn’t exactly the same. The last year was the worst. He gained some weight, and his self esteem was effected by this body change. But what I couldn’t imagine was that at school other children would be teasing him because of this. And not just for this, but also for his Italian origin. Children at this age are mean, not everyone luckily, and when they see some weakness in others they tempt to take advantage. His life is being affected, he is not happy anymore. As a mom, I tried to keep him calm and find solutions: improvement of his self-esteem (more sport, health food), therapist, happy environment and trying to work with school. I know that bullying is something that is happening not just to my little boy. It’s a long term fight, but I have a positive attitude towards life! I know I will figure it out!

Best part Seeing my children smiling, laughing, playing with other kids, playing with me, and their father! Not having a solid roots, and being always on the road around the world, the most important thing to me is their capability to make friends and build solid relationships with other people. When I hear Ricky and Greta  laughing while they are playing with a new friend I feel like I could climb the Everest mountain! The sparkles in their eyes when they are making new friends is my BEST part!


Esther (a mother of a 21 months old daughter):

Most challenging Life! Balancing everything - making sure that the kid has enough of your attention, is taken care of, goes to bed on time, but also giving it your all regarding work, carving some time out for yourself and getting enough sleep.

Best part The hugs! The smiles. The joy. Hearing her say new words. Giggles. Taking walks while holding hands.


Brochi (a mother of two sons ages 7 & 18 months old, and two daughters ages 5 & 3):

Most challenging Phone distractions. There are times where I can get busier on the phone like when planning an event or something else ... and then it really takes away precious time from the children. I guess another challenge would be going to sleep early to wake up early with the kids.

Best part Shabbat - when using personal electronics is not allowed and I am able to give the children undivided attention. It is so enjoyable, peaceful and fun!


Marlys (a mother of two sons ages 7 & 10, and a daughter age 3):

Most challenging Finding time for fun, plain, normal activities with my kids. Between school work, soccer, baseball, religion, piano and play dates, there is no time or we are exhausted.

Best part Seeing my 3 kids interacting and enjoying each other. I’m an only child and know first hand that he bond between siblings is like no other, not like best friends that come and go or like cousins who may have siblings that go before you. I’m very thankful for the giving them that.


Hanna (a mother of two sons ages 7 and 3):

Most challenging Day to day routine and learning to enjoy little moments of craziness in the house.

Best part Seeing kids embracing key values we try to teach them and becoming good little humans.


Jessica (a mother of two sons ages 14 & 9, and a daughter age 12):

Most challenging As mothers, we spend our children’s early years completely consumed with their care. We monitor what they eat, what they wear, their health and hygiene, and who they spend their time with. We track their developmental milestones, haircuts, lost teeth, runny noses and bowel movements. Almost every thought in our day revolves around our children. So, it is difficult, when you wake up one day and realize that they don’t really need you in that way anymore. It is hard to let them struggle and make mistakes even though you know they will learn from them. It is hard to watch them fail even though you know it will make their successes more meaningful. And it is hard to watch them walk, ride or drive away and trust that you have done enough for them to be kind, choose right and stay safe. The occasional run back for a last minute hug and kiss from mom definitely helps!

Best part Incidentally, this is probably also the best part of motherhood right now as well - witnessing my children develop into their own person. Watching them foster relationships, overcome conflict and realize their potential is amazing to see. They are becoming sensitive, strong minded, independent beings, which fills me with pride. 



Polina - yes, I couldn't resist participating too (a mother of an 8 years old daughter):

Most challenging Being 8 years old, my daughter is pretty independent and loves playing/reading/drawing by herself. So my challenge is to recognize the importance of our time together and create as many opportunities as possible for us to interact and enjoy each others company instead of going to my computer to finish work or do the chores around the house.

Best part She still loves hugs and kisses. There is no day when she wouldn't want to snuggle with me! I just wish it stayed this way forever.


And what about YOU?

What stage of motherhood are you at right now?

What is most challenging and what's the best part?

Your comment will be the perfect addition to our motherhood chorus!


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