Polina Bulman | Brooklyn Family Photographer {Day In The Life. Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY}

Brooklyn Family Photographer {Day In The Life. Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY}

April 26, 2018  •  5 Comments

Sarah, a cookbook author, recipe developer, and co-owner of Kos Kaffe lives in a century old house in Fort Greene, Brooklyn with her husband, two daughters and a big shy dog. This particular Saturday even the two oldest sisters came along for the day, which made it extra special.

We did a half Day In The Life session from 7 AM to 1 PM. Soft morning light, kids running around, a dog patiently waiting to be taken for a walk, shelves filled with all the different cook books – I fell in love with this family the moment I stepped in through their door!

The highlight of the session was a visit to a local farmers’ market, which is part of their regular Saturday routine. When the season starts, these visits cover not just the needs of Sarah’s family, but also add some specials to her restaurant's menu. And for the kids it’s a whole adventure, of course!


While working on this post I reached out to Sarah to ask what her favorite picture from the session is. Her reply was:

So many sweet little moments that tell a lot about our family dynamic! I have a lot of favorites but some of my particular favorites are the ones below, because I derive so much pleasure from watching my girls' relationship with their older sisters, and all the love and laughter and tenderness they share.

I also really love this one, because food, farms, community and cooking are a huge part of my personal identity, as well as that of our entire family, so it feels really beautiful to have a record of Amelia learning to appreciate what I hope will be a lifelong value for her.

What’s your family’s favorite weekend routine that you wish you had pictures of? Let's chat!


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Bridget D(non-registered)
These pictures made me tear my eyed! You captured the love this family has. Well done Polina!
Gah – I love that you captured so many connections, especially the kiddos' shadow <3
David Mullin(non-registered)
What wonderful photos. I have to say the one with the sunglasses and the binky is my favorite!
This was a great session. I really love reading about which pictures were favorites as well as why. You have done an awesome job of capturing the details that make that family who they are. I love that.
Morgana Secco(non-registered)
I love all the pictures, they make me feel inside their life. So special to know the mum’s perception too, those little details that are important to her.
Congratulations, Polina!
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