Polina Bulman | New York Family Photographer {Relaxed Family Portraits amongst Cherry Blossoms at BBG}

New York Family Photographer {Relaxed Family Portraits amongst Cherry Blossoms at BBG}

April 18, 2018  •  5 Comments

It's still cold outside, but the trees have started to bloom around the city.

These trees make me so happy. They are the promise of Spring. They are the promise of beautiful weather, picnics in the park, skipping stones across the pond and running barefoot on grass.

This week I would like to share a few images that I took last Spring during our trip to Philly. When we saw these cherry trees in full bloom we had to stop the car, go out and enjoy. A self portrait of me and Sonya made me smile as I remembered how challenging it was to take it. Not only did I not have a tripod or a remote, but I also wanted the picture to be a genuine moment rather than a posed one.

In the upcoming weeks I have limited availability for few morning one hour sessions in Brooklyn Botanic Garden during the cherry blossom season. Get in the frame with your loved ones and take advantage of the most beautiful real life backdrop.

Please contact me for details and to book!


Ready to book your cherry blossoms family session? Let's chat!


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Yes! I love these! And I love seeing you in some of them too!
Beautiful images and those colours! And taking self portraits of genuine moments is not easy - fantastic job.
These are perfect! Just the type of cherry blossom photos I love, especially those with your daughter. You did a fantastic job with not posing them.
David Mullin(non-registered)
I love Cherry Blossoms. So jealous that we don't have any where I live. I just love the photos you took of you and your daughter. Such authentic moments!
I remember seeing these beautiful photos just before our trip to Philly last year. Spring is an amazing time to get outside and take photographs like these, with genuine joy at the warm weather and blooms. Especially after our crazy winter weather this year!
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