Polina Bulman | New York Documentary Family Photographer {More than an award}

New York Documentary Family Photographer {More than an award}

March 15, 2018  •  6 Comments

Many of you would probably remember one of the photos in this post as it won 6th Place in the category Family Love in Documentary Family Awards.

This photo was from a vacation Day In The Life session for a fellow photographer and mom Barbara Naso, who lives in Atlanta, GA. This week Barbara blogged about her experience and this part of her post brought tears to my eyes:

"Six weeks later I received an email with a link to my photo gallery. The photos were fabulous. They were absolutely amazing. The moment of the photo reveal was an epiphany for me. I saw my family differently, from a new perspective, with a different light, and with different eyes.

Before I saw the pictures, I often viewed my husband as almost a "bad" man of the family because he often spent our vacation time on the phone with work. After seeing the pictures that Polina captured, I saw him in a completely new light. I saw a man, a dad, a worker, a husband who tried hard to balance everything in his life. I saw him talking over the phone in a crowded NYC street, yet with lovely looks for us, his family. I saw him laughing with us at the museum. I saw him exhausted, yet hugging his children. I saw him helping Greta tie her shoes while talking with Ricky, and at the same time having a conference call with his boss! If it weren’t for that DITL session I wouldn’t have paused to see my husband through that lens: a lens of truth."

This is why I do my work. This is so much more than any award!

While I blogged Barbara's Day In The Life before, I want to share some of my favorites here that will illustrate what she wrote about her husband Massimo.

It's not Fathers Day yet, but nevertheless fatherhood is worth celebrating every day!


6th Place Family Love by Polina Bulman, United States

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This is what is so special about hiring a documentary photographer especially one who is gifted in the art of observation like you Polina. We are often so close to our everyday, and the people we love, that we can't really see our family the way someone else can. Beautiful work!
This is one of the reasons I so much want a photographer to come to my house for a day - I need to extend myself some grace and see that my kids do love me, that I really do love my kids, and that my hubby and I both are working hard in the right direction. :) I love your point of view AND of course - you deserved that award!!!
Your client's words make my heart sing for joy! Polina, you clearly reached a deeper part of their family through your careful observation, one which they will not only cherish, but learn from. This is what photography is about and you rocked it.
I have felt this same thing when receiving photos of my family. In addition, it has allowed me to see myself with more grace. Thank you for sharing this. It’s so helpful to be shown the truth through someone else’s perspective sometime.
Just photographer like you, with a deep knowledge of the human soul, can capture what people have inside! Thank you!
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