Polina Bulman | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer {Y&M Wedding. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY}

Brooklyn Wedding Photographer {Y&M Wedding. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY}

March 28, 2018  •  6 Comments

How long did it take you to plan your wedding? Well, Yeeta and Matt planned their entire wedding in a month and booked me one week prior to their special day.

This said, I would never have guessed that everything was last minute because it couldn't have possibly been better! Yeeta and Matt emphasized that the party was a celebration of the life they already had, not the one they were hoping to have after the wedding. Their three kids Avery, Theo and Amalia were a big part of the day!

This week was their first wedding anniversary and it seemed perfect for the blog feature. I reached out to Yeeta to ask what are her favorite pictures from the day, and her reply was:

"My favorite pictures are the ones of me and Matt getting the kids ready. The reason is that our wedding was truly a family event. It wasn’t just the bride and groom thing. In fact Avery recently was talking about the wedding and said "our wedding". 

She added:

"We watched the slideshow you made together with the kids on our anniversary. All of the kids loved watching and seeing all the pictures that they were in and we pointed to my belly and said there’s Jules! I was 10 weeks pregnant. We like to be able to say that all of our kids were at the wedding in some way or another." 

Whether you plan your wedding a year or a month in advance it's such an exciting day to look forward to. Looking back on your special day is exciting too, especially when you can share the moment with your growing family.


I was honored to capture Yeeta and Matt's wedding day and I'd love to hear from you if you're planning your own big day. Let's chat!


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I loooove that this is more like a day in the life famiy session, just centered around a wedding. Priceless memories for them <3
Wow! Really well done, Polina! I especially LOVE reading about how the family views the images now a year later. Such a great idea to reach out to them and get their thoughts.
Noel Besuzzi(non-registered)
Gorgeous post, the kids make these photos priceless! Love the whole day, and the couple is so joyful! Congrats to you!
Truly what a celebration! I love how much this really was about celebrating a family union, not just a bride and groom getting married. I love the image of the bride on her knees getting her daughter dressed. So real life!!
What a chill, fun couple and gorgeous photos!
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