Polina Bulman | Brooklyn Documentary Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Weeks 21 & 22}

Brooklyn Documentary Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Weeks 21 & 22}

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Weeks 21 & 22 are up! Another 30 to go.


We came to the playground early on Sunday morning and you’ve got to spend some quality time with your friend.


The new morning routine - after you leave to school he heads to the balcony to enjoy the beautiful weather and birds singing.


The big day is coming and you are a big part of it!
Initially it was hard for you to understand why do we need to get married "again"? We already have you and we are already husband and wife, so why to do it again? But then you found an answer for yourself. You decided that if we are doing it "again" it probably means that we need another baby. You like this idea a lot and not only excited about the Chuppah itself but also about a potential of having a baby brother or sister.
This is a very small intimate event with only closest people invited to celebrate with us. We asked you to keep it secret and you actually didn't share it with anyone.
Making these "Thank You" cards was the job that you asked for and worked on them with so much love and attention to details.


One of the moms volunteered to produce this amazing magazine for your volleyball team and a set of players’ cards. 
According to your card:
- your favorite color is Violet;
- favorite food is French fries;
- favorite fruit is Watermelon;
- favorite book is Stink series;
- favorite subject is Guided reading;
- you plan to be a Doctor.

Last one was something new I learned about you!


Rainy day pick-up.


Some quite time.


Saturday means Zumba! Stretching is not your favorite.


After 10 happy years together we finally did it!!!
The energy of this event and emotional level exceeded all of my expectations. When I asked you what was your favorite part of our Chuppah you said "7 circles".

photo credit Desiree Tobin Walters 


Fire Island bound. This was your first time taking the ferry and even though it was very windy and cold you've been dancing on the roof the entire time. Daddy's warm sweater was very helpful.


Today on Fire Island: 3.2 miles to get to the Lighthouse, 182 steps to get to the top (which was totally worth it) and 3.2 miles to get back. What a great hike we had!


Daddy found a sand dollar on the Fire Island beach while you were still sleeping in the morning. You recently read a book about different types of shells and really wanted to find another sand dollar yourself. We've spent few hours on the beach collecting different shells (like we don't have enough of those at home coming from our Seagate beach), but sand dollars were nowhere to be found. And then on the way out you found all of these!! It looked like someone collected them before you and then decided to leave them. I told you this, but you said: "No, Hashem sent these to me!"


You finally got the 3rd letter from your pen pal Zoe and decided to write a reply immediately. In your previous letter you asked Zoe to send you a recipe of a dish they like to cook and she sent you a recipe of salmon. We'll try it out soon!


Reading while waiting for Shabbos dinner became a new tradition.


On a nice sunny day he would spend it laying like this. This cat knows how to enjoy life.


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