Polina Bulman | NYC Documentary Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Weeks 18 & 19}

NYC Documentary Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Weeks 18 & 19}

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Weeks 18 & 19 are up! Another 33 to go.


I take this same picture every time I get home late after shooting all day and find two of you sleeping in this same position next to each other.


You made it today and called it "Colorful bees". Your room is always a mess because you keep working on different projects and I decided that after all it's not a big deal.


While everyone is playing at the playground you are busy digging out earthworms. You then take them home and let them go into the pots with plants on your balcony.


It seems that Bryn loves hugs just as much as you do, which makes your friendship even stronger!




You and Bryn are trying to get the cat from behind the couch, while he is hiding under the kitchen table. I think I saw a smile on his face.


On the way back from Science Saturday - an annual science event at Rockefeller Univercity. Tired, happy and full of new knowledge.


Flea market. It's not an easy job to spend your $5 wisely!


You didn't have school today and we went to Staten Island Zoo. Since it was Monday no one was there and you craved company. Then you saw this girl walking by with her dad and ran to her to introduce yourself. You became best friends for the whole 2 hours running around and having so much fun. She was calling you So So and you called her Clarie Clarie.


A playful otter. 


I also want to share another highlight of our trip to the zoo that I don't have a picture of. A humming bird was trying to fly through a big glass wall and got so tired of trying that it fell and I picked it up and carried to a place where it could fly away safely. You've got a chance to see it very close and even pet it's head gently. Once in a lifetime experience.


Homework time. Of course he thinks that your homework folder is the best place for him to lay on.



80's Themed Spirit Day at school. With Principal.


You can't walk by a flower without smelling it. And lilac is one of my favorites so I have to join you and smell it too.


The crew. Waiting for adults to cross the road.


On the way to Zumba class on a rainy Saturday morning. We recently had a big fire in our dear Kneses Israel Synagogue and the building is under construction now. The day after it happened daddy brought home some colorful pieces of glass - parts of window vitrages that got damaged in fire. You discussed how you can use them for one of your projects and how meaningful it will be. Now every time we walk by you look for more pieces to add to the collection.



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