Polina Bulman | New York Documentary Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 14}

New York Documentary Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 14}

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Week 14 is up! Another 38 to go. 

This was the week of your spring break and we headed to Philly. Steinbergs are more than friends for us. They are like family and their house is like second home. Your school schedule doesn't match Eitan's and Zach's and they are having a break the following week, so during the day we had our own plans and then in the evening we did things together.

I cheated a little and selected more images for each day as it was impossible to select just one.


Spring break is here! Which means no alarm clock for the whole 9 days.



On the way to Philly you said:

- Hanna and Jeff have 3 kids now.

- Why?

- Because now they also have Zoe and she is like another child, right?

Yes, that's right! And having 3 kids is just the right amount of craziness.



We visited Adventure Aquarium today. It was on our list for a while. Sharks were your favorites. You were telling me about "Shark Lady. True Adventures of Eugene Clark" book that you are currently reading at school. You mentioned that Eugene's interest in sharks started when she saw them during the family trip to aquarium.



On the way to watch "Baby Boss" movie.



"Frogs. A Chorus of Colors" exhibition at The Academy of Natural Sciences.


Your favorite activity was dissecting the frog.


We found the spring today and made sure to enjoy it as who knows how long to wait till it comes to NY.

Backyard fun.

You met a boy in the park:

- My real name is Sofia, but my mom calls me Sonya. You can call me any name, but I prefer Rosie Posie of course.



Today was the opening day of a new Legoland and we were so lucky to be there. You spent majority of the time at a girl's lego section playing with little dolls and animal figures.


Lego movie.

You joined Eitan's gymnastics class today and I think there was a reason why the teacher called you a rock star.

Three of you baked 6 pastries and made a tremendous mess. Which of course was the most fun of all.

At least you helped to clean up later on.


Every time we visit Philly we have to go to Please Touch museum. You love this pretend play ice cream shop station. You have your own routine there: first you arrange the ice cream menu, then setup everything and then you usually get to train a little helper and sell some ice cream to her/his parents.


Back to Brooklyn. While I was working today you and daddy went to Home Depot and got some plants for your balcony. Both you and the cat enjoy the new "garden".


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