Polina Bulman | New York Documentary Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 13}

New York Documentary Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 13}

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Week 13 is up! Another 39 to go. 


I was shooting a full day wedding today and you had another busy Sunday with daddy. The highlight of the day was that daddy helped you with some home improvements for Barbies' house. It needed few repaires. Then two of you created a beautiful chandelier, using the beads from your treasure box, to decorate the dolls' bedroom and cut out a beautiful red rug for a living room.


"Mommy, this is the most beautiful time to come to the playground. I can swing and enjoy the sunset!"


Second letter from your Canadian friend Zoe has arrived! I feel little jealous. No one is sending me hand written letters in golden lined envelopes with shiny stickers and stunning drawings.


You worked hard on writing back to Zoe. You decided to make your letter extra neat and asked me how to spell different words. You said "Zoe is in 1st grade now, she will look at my letter and it should be a good example for her!". 
My favorite part was "Girls Rule" picture. You are such a great artist. Just look at your choice of composition and colors. I also loved how you filled the frame and how many details you added to the picture.

Getting a haircut.


It was 7 PM yesterday and we still didn't know what you are going to wear for "Dress as your favorite book character Day" at school. We were sitting on the floor sorting through piles of library books deciding which ones to return and which ones to renew. You were telling me about every book you read and what you liked most about it. And here it was: "Sonya, you have to be MATILDA!! Because you ARE Matilda!" So that's what we did. It was tricky to find an appropriate cart for books at 7 PM in Seagate but after few calls we found this. Not exactly Matilda's wagon, but has wheels and fits books.


He definitely appreciates the new rug.


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