Polina Bulman | Brooklyn Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 7}

Brooklyn Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 7}

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Week 7 is up. More 45 to go!


Sunday play-date with your school friends.


Busy making Valentine's treats. This year we decided to go healthy with valentines attached to the honey sticks. You have 30 kids in your class, but we made around 50 as you wanted to give some to the teachers and staff members. When it comes to giving you always have a long list!

And the final product.


Valentine's Day pick-up.


Since we are moving, we decided that we won't be taking with us things that we don't use. I took out a bag with stuffed animals that was sitting in a closet for a while. All these toys are special for you but you can't play with so many stuffed animals. So you picked few favorites and we agreed to give the rest to your friends at Hebrew School. You assigned which toy will go to which kid and attached special labels. Everyone was so happy, including you!


When did he get so big!?


Lighting the Shabbos candles. I keep thinking that you are so lucky to have this special day every week. When I was growing up we had just few big holidays during the year and you have a holiday every single Friday.


Chicken noddles and giggles. We visited your friend Bella today. You two were in the same class in Kindergarten and in 1st grade. But then Bella skipped the grade and you really miss each other this year.


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