Polina Bulman | Brooklyn Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 5}

Brooklyn Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 5}

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Week 5 of 52. Another 47 to go.

This became a part of my daily routine and I am looking forward to Monday mornings when I can blog the previous week. It makes so much sense when I look at them all together and see the bigger picture!


I woke up sick today, so we took it easy.


How did he get into a closed drawer with your socks!??


You are having your math test tomorrow and we had to review the work you brought from school that you were struggling with in class. Unfortunately you were in your "No! No! No!" mood. I tried talking to you and explaining the importance of doing the job, I tried bribing you with cartoons and dessert, I tried threatening you with the punishment - nothing worked. All I heard was "No! No! No!". Then I took a piece of paper and put 1, 2, 3 on it. Next time you said "No" I put sad face under number 1, another "No" and there was another sad face under number 2. This grabbed your attention and you asked what will happen when the third sad face appears? I said "What do you think it should mean?". And you said: "Go to bed early!". This sounded fair enough, so this was the deal. You immediately got to work and turned into a polite, hardworking girl.


You fell asleep in the car and I gave you another 15 minutes, but it wasn't enough. Daddy helped to carry you in and you slept for 2 hours just like this - in your coat, hat and scarf. This week is tough. You had the science test yesterday, math test today and more coming up on Friday. You hate these "stupid tests" and I have to admit - you are not a good test taker. You are smart, you know the material, but it seems like you don't care enough. You are a dreamer. When done with your test you would just stare for 15 minutes instead of double check. This is what your teacher says, but I know that you are dreaming, you are in your own world. You have a lot of things to think about other than these "stupid tests". Or you would spend these 15 minutes on decorating that last page, that specifically says "leave blank", with the most beautiful pattern.


You were telling me about the special beautifying routine that you have at school when you are going to a bathroom. After washing your hands you wet your eyelashes and hair little bit. You say it makes you look pretty and call it "my fashion".


You love helping daddy to cook. Look at you - cutting baby octopus with the big knife all by yourself!


Saturday Zumba class. I never get a chance to visit it as I always work on Saturdays, but today was an exception. However I didn't stay long because as your teacher said, you tried "too hard" with me there.

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