Polina Bulman | New York Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 4}

New York Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 4}

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My Dear Girl,

With all the craziness that this election has brought, I like to think that we can protect your little world and keep you in this bubble. I hear people say how they want to educate their kids and teach them about politics from the early age. I strongly disagree. The more we go the dirtier it gets and the more I want you not to touch it for as long as possible. Our job is to teach you to be proud of who you are, respect others and be kind and compassionate. One day you'll grow enough to be able to face this grown up world. But not yet.


love, Mommy


You had so much fun at a play-date today. It's rare when I am not working on Sunday, and if it happens we always try to go somewhere and ideally to spend time with your friends!


Your Tooth Fairy is the best! She always brings you a letter, little surprise and some cash. This time she brought you a moonstone amulet.
Fun fact: when you lost your second tooth, Tooth Fairy brought you a tiny bottle of Chanel #5 perfume. This was probably a mistake, as you ended up using it all on our poor cat, who smelled so lovely for many weeks to come..


Runny nose remedy. You watch cartoons while I keep bringing hot water. We do it 2-3 times along with nasal rinse - works like magic! Oh and the cat loves it too. Maybe because he likes to be near you, or maybe just because he loves anything and everything that keeps him warm.


Homework. This is our daily routine. This is how we sit next to each other every day for at least 15 minutes. We don't always enjoy it. Let's be honest, often we both hate it. But we are in it together and we won't give up. Maybe one day we'll even miss it. A little.


This level of craziness - only with daddy! Every day after the homework torture with mommy.


You left this letter unfinished, but I am sure you have some great questions to your Hebrew school teacher Rivkah. Last week one lady was giving away over 50 Jewish children books, as she was getting ready to move. We were fortunate to get them - what a treasure! You are reading them every day now. I keep thinking about how lucky you are - to live in such a diverse environment, to have friends from all the different cultural backgrounds and yet to know exactly who you are and to be proud of it!


What a fun day it was as we celebrated Chinese New Year with friends. Finally you got a chance to wear the beautiful Chinese outfit that your friend Rya gave you. Two of you looked so festive! We watched multiple lion dances, ate delicious Chinese food and walked the streets of Chinatown with your new lion friends - Violet and Pinky.


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