Polina Bulman | New York Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 2}

New York Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 2}

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My Dear Girl,

This week I was thinking about something I want to share with you. A good lesson that 365 Project is teaching us – to accomplish something big you have to do a little something towards your goal every day! This is true for so many different things in our life. I want you to remember it when you grow up. 

Make big plans, then think of little tasks you can work on every day to accomplish it. This is where you being stubborn, persistent and always knowing what you want should come into the game.
Everything is possible - don't be afraid to dream big!


love, Mommy


You are waiting for daddy to give you a ride. Sunday is a fun day with daddy while mommy is busy shooting. You always get to play outside, watch a long movie and eat delicious food every few hours.


Daddy is the best when it comes to Science Projects! You loved working together on building a boat out of a foil baking sheet. And of course your favorite part was decorating it!



On the way from school you begged me to play outside, at least for 10 minutes. The playground was closed due to the weather conditions, but look what you discovered at our backyard! Looks pretty dangerous, right? But I let you take risks. For few seconds while I am taking the picture.. You then realized that you need something to knock them down. Luckily the rake was found near by!



This is our typical during the week day - you are at school, I am working at my computer, Hatulchik sleeping at this chair or in the closet. Fun fact: Wednesday is your short day at school and you are getting home at 3:30 instead of 5:30. 5:30 - 6 is the time when the Cat is getting his dinner. On Wednesday he is having such a hard time understanding WHY everything is as usual: "Sonya got home from school, she is having her food, why do I have to mew for another 2 hours to get mine!??". Very confusing indeed.


You work so hard. It's dark when you leave the house in the morning and dark when you go out of school. Winter months are tough and you miss playing outside.


Today you didn't feel well. On the way to school, you cried that your stomach hurts, and knowing that this is a trip day, I decided not to risk it and take you home. You begged for new books, so I decided that the work can wait and went to the library to fulfill your request.


The minute we noticed that is snowed again, we were outside!


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