Polina Bulman | New York Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 1}

New York Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Week 1}

January 09, 2017  •  2 Comments

My Dear Girl,

This year I start another 365 project where I will be telling a story of your life (our life) one picture a day.

As you know, my mom (your grandma) passed away when I was 17 due to cancer. I can't even tell you how much I miss her and how much I miss the opportunity of asking her about my childhood. I do remember some things, mostly from a bunch of old pictures that I have. But then there are so many things I don't remember or want to know more about and I don't have her by my side to give me the answers.

Something very special happened recently, I would even say something magical. It turned out that when I was born (31 years ago back in Russia) visitors were not allowed to the hospital and my mom had to write notes to my dad, uncle, grandma and everyone else in order to communicate. They wrote back to her and the nurse was kind enough to deliver these notes back and forth. Now imagine, my mom saved these notes and I discovered them recently and got a chance to read. I have my hands shaking even writing this now, that's how special and emotional it was for me. It was like I got a chance to talk to her. It was like she was telling me everything about my birth, how much her life changed when I came, how special it was for everyone in the family. How I smelled, how I looked like, how and why they decided to name me Polina, how my dad was re-organizing the furniture in our apartment to make space for my bed, how my uncle was going to the furniture store every day to actually get that bed and how they were all sold out, how my grandma was preparing all the supplies needed for the newborn baby and so much more! These notes - they made me cry, they made me laugh, they made me read and re-read them again and again.

These notes inspired me to start this project again this year and to do it for YOU. I want you to be able to look back at these images years from now and read my notes. I want you to know how amazing your life was when you were 7 and that even when you were a little human you already had a big personality! I also want you to be able to share these with your little girl (or little boy, or both) one day.


love, Mommy


This is the perfect summary of our January 1st.
Since we are Jewish we don't celebrate Christmas, but we do celebrate New Year. New Year was (and is) one of the biggest holidays in Russia, tree is decorated and Ded Moroz (Russian Santa) is bringing gifts to kids. 

So here you are - opening your gifts, while we are getting ready to spend the 1st day of the new year in pajamas watching movies.



You are very interested in ancient civilizations and especially ancient Egypt. You ask me to borrow all the books I can find in the library about it and keep sharing fun facts with me. 
I took you to Metropolitan Museum of Arts today so you could enjoy the Ancient Egypt section. Museum was crowded and we kept coming back to get the audio guide only to hear they have none available. We've spent good two hours in that section and you were the best audio guide for me. Seriously I was so impressed by all the knowledge you had to share! And then we finally got the guide!! And I lost you for another hour. 


My bookworm. Reading is your favorite activity. You can read for hours and I have to go to the library at least once in 2 weeks to get another 30 books for you. Fiction, non-fiction - you love them all! 

The best part of it is your ability to retain the information and share it later. I think at your 7 you already know more than I do at my 31.


We went to the Museum of Natural History today. Discovery room is one of your favorite places in the museum and petting this creature is a "must do" activity. 


Today is the first day of school after the long winter break. To make this transition easier for kids your school has a Wacky Tacky day today. 
And other than that this is our typical morning - you are watching cartoons on my computer and having a light breakfast, while the cat finished his breakfast and is on the way to the closet to have a good nap.



Our mornings are tough this year. You are having such a hard time waking up at 6:30 and often you are angry at me and even rude because I am the one waking you up. The fact that it snowed this morning for the first time this year made it little bit easier.



Saturday morning - on the way to Zumba class. We live 2 minutes away, yet every time we end up running not to be late. Today though we had to stop for a minute so you could enjoy the snow.



Edith Storch(non-registered)
Polina You have such a deep soul and the gift of pure and genuine expression. I am still crying for your loss at such
a special time of life.

You are gaining so much joy from Sonya and that is your reward. See...it comes back.

Thank you for letting me into your circle. Love...Best of Health...Edith
Olga S(non-registered)
I was crying while readying your introduction to this project. Waw. What a discovery!
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