Full day documentary family session for an extended family in Catskills, Upstate, NY.

Summer… This word itself brings so much joy!

Kids work hard all year in school, but I believe that the real learning is often happens during the Summer break. That's when they have time for adventures, for friendships, for getting bored and thus coming up with some amazing projects. That’s also the time to connect with the family by doing things together!

Dovid and Sori did something incredible – they've built a magical place in Upstate, NY, where six of their grown up kids with their spouses and over 20 grandchildren can get together during the summer to build life lasting memories.

On the day of our session four generations were there: kids, parents, grandparents and great grandparents! Photographing a Day In The Life for such a big family was a new and exiting experience. My main focus was on the kids and what their summer feels like. It was also very important to capture the connection and love the family members have for each other.