Brooklyn Documentary Family Photographer {Personal Project: 365-2017. Weeks 24, 25 & 26}

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Weeks 24, 25 & 26 are up! Another 26 to go. Half way in the project!!


Summer nights.


End of the year party at school. With Coach M.


You were so lucky to have Ms. Inglut as your teacher this year. Not only that she is an incredibly talanted teacher, she is also fun and loving. And best of all - she loves hugs as much as you do. What a perfect match!


Today was your last day of school and we celebrated it at the Rose Night event at Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Oh how much you love roses! And there were so many - all the different colors and sizes. You had to smell all of them and while smelling you secretly collected petals - one from each.


First day of summer break is perfect for a trip to the library. Now you are all set for a week.


We've spent 6 hours in traffic today on the way to Connecticut to visit Zhulkovsky family. But it was worth it!


It became a tradition to go to Talcott Mountain State Park every time we are visiting Zhulkovsky. We climbed all the way to the top but the fog was so thick that there was no view at all. You walked Reese the entire time pretending that you are training her. It looked like this - you ran as fast as you could to be in front of her and to give her directions: Reese go left, Reese go right, Reeese s-t-o-o-o-p!


Learning all about conch at Bruce museum.


I was sorting through your school papers today and found these ELA practices: one from September and another one from May. While ELA was always your strength I was amazed by the progress you've made. You worked so hard this year and it shows!


Today we went to the zoo with Arden and Michaelle. There was an ecology station, where a staff member was talking to you about how plastic is dangerous for our environment and how eliminating the use of plastic and recycling can help animals. At the end of the trip three of you decided to recycle the flyers you've got to make paper telescopes.


Tag never goes out of style!


Picking mulberries.


Dance performance. You are very proud of your trophy.


And you also read a book to him.


Today you watched your first ballet with Annabelle and Gabriel. It had two acts which were two different ballets: "The Fairy Doll" and "The Lady and the Hooligan". This picture was taken right after: you and Annabelle are full of energy and ready to perform while Gabriel is trying to wake up after a good nap.


Central Park zoo. You've been patiently waiting for the musical clock to play. The clock sits atop a three-tiered tower and features a band of whimsical animals: two bronze monkeys banging hammers against a bell; a penguin on drum; a hippo on violin; a bear and his tambourine; a concertina-playing elephant; a goat with pipes; and a kangaroo on horn. The animals circle the tower to one of 44 tunes that change seasonally.


We are staying at Upper East Side at Malkovich's place for few days. Today we've spent a day at Metropolitan museum and the highlight of our visit was "Age of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties". Ancient China is the topic you are particularly interested in and this exhibition was truly a gem. In the evening you still had enough energy to run in the park for three hours.


Our balcony is now known as Cat's Paradise.


Your first comics. It's about Any who learned to love "peace". Such a deep thinking for a 7 years old author.


What a special day!! Two of your favorite teachers came to have dinner with us! Ms. Calish - your Kindergarten teacher and Ms. Inglut - your 2nd grade teacher.



Snack time at Brooklyn Botanical Garden.


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