Brooklyn Family Photographer {Documentary Family Session: Just Another Morning}

March 29, 2016  •  1 Comment

This documentary session is featuring a regular morning of Olga and her 3 years old son Daniel. That day Daniel didn't go to a daycare because he had a doctor's appointment. Olga is a seamstress, she works from home and that day she had to finish a project while Daniel was very creative in entertaining himself. 

This session is very dear to my heart. I lost my mom when I was 17 and as my daughter is growing I keep thinking about my own childhood. There are so many questions I never got a chance to ask, so many moments that got lost forever. By doing this type of sessions for families I know that I help them preserve some very special moments that will be so meaningful to the kids as they grow up. As I take these pictures I am also thinking about how hard and at the same time rewarding is parenting. All families are different, all kids are different - we have our own challenges and our own creative solutions, but what makes us alike is that we all work very hard to be the best parents possible for our kids. And this hard work is worth capturing and celebrating! I want parents to look at the pictures and realize how amazing they are.

The day after I delivered this session Olga texted me: "Today in the morning I found ourselves in the exactly same position as on image 29. Plates almost empty, I'm in the same robe, Daniel is telling me something and I'm listening with my left hand by the cheek (exactly as in your image). So it means that it's so typical for us! What I love about this image is that it shows the look I have: gentle, soft, caring, relaxing and attentive, that I did not see before."





Colleen P(non-registered)
Polina, these are beautiful :) Precious memories for this family!
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