Brooklyn Lifestyle Photographer {Some Personal Favorites or Why I Stopped Posing Kids}

March 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
When my daughter was 9 months old, I got the first professional camera. Did it turn me into professional photographer right the way? Of course no, it wasn't even a plan. I was just a mom with the camera who wanted some perfect shots of her child. "Perfect" - looking into the camera and smiling! What sounded easy, was almost impossible in reality. Sonya crawled way faster than I could adjust settings on my camera. She also was (and is) extremely curious child who wanted to touch, taste, explore everything around her. I was very creative in my tricks to make her look and smile. Sometimes my husband and friends were involved. Lucky me, I managed to get some perfect ones! As well as hundreds of "nothing special" just to practice.
When Sonya was 3 I decided to finally make an Album from her first year of life. To my great surprise the pictures that I loved most, those that brought back most memories, were just the everyday moments. One of my all time favorites is a picture of our laundry drying rack on a balcony. That year we spent many happy hours hanging laundry together. We don't live in that apartment anymore, we don't have that balcony. What seemed the most ordinary, turned out most special when time passed.
The day I ordered prints from my daughter's 1st year of life was the day when I stopped posing kids.


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